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Risk Assessment Reviews

Building a WCVI Chinook Rebuilding Plan requires understanding the risks that are limiting salmon survival and productivity here on the west coast.

In 2014 and 2015, First Nations, DFO, and the Salmon Roundtables assessed risks to Chinook salmon using a list of 40 potential limiting factors to salmon production. Since that time, habitat Status Assessments have been completed on most of the critical watersheds for Chinook on WCVI and substantial research has been conducted that sheds new light on many potential risks to salmon.

During the fall of 2021, Central Westcoast Forest Society, M.C. Wright and Associates, and West Coast Aquatic are facilitating a series of workshops to review existing scientific, traditional, and local knowledge on risks to Chinook salmon in freshwater systems across the west coast. There are approximately 30 new potential limiting factors to evaluate alongside a review of existing factors.

The process for a risk assessment review in each sound on WCVI includes:

  • Development of backgrounders on existing knowledge for each river system included in the WCVI rebuilding plan risk assessment process

  • Pre-rating sessions with Indigenous and local knowledge holders to develop preliminary rankings for the new list of limiting factors

  • A salmon roundtable session that reviews pre-ratings and comes up with a comprehensive assessment of risk in major Chinook systems in each area.

A new Marine Risk Assessment process is also in development that will be implemented through the salmon roundtables and factor into rebuilding plan development.

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