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Each Roundtable has been created from a local need by entities such as First Nations, stewardship groups, commercial and sport fishers, industry, private businesses, and government - municipal, regional, provincial and federal. The mandates of each Roundtable are unique, but all share the common goal of bringing a coordinated, multi-interest, place-based approach to the management and stewardship of the lands and waters in their area. 

"This table is successful in managing very complicated fisheries."

“I would like to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation exhibited by all parties. Even when there were conflicts there always seemed to be an effort to search for solutions.”

“I think this approach is absolutely essential to sustainability of the stocks and the interests of the parties.”

Area 23 Members

I feel the Roundtable is a good way to inform people and come to consensus on issues in relation to salmon. Roundtable meetings should be organized in each management region/zone and all levels of Canada/BC governments should be involved in some way.

Area 25 Member

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